Values: Questionnaire 1

The key to behavioural values is that they are based on the following principles;

  • Freedom; physically with the right of expression, dissent
  • Equality; Everyonetreated as an equal - the basis of respect
  • Humanity (Team working); people working together to deliver common objective


Questionnaire 1


Review your organisational behavioural values against the above principals to determine if your organisations behavioural values are compliant to these principles:

Review Questions

 Yes  No

People free to speak openly and express their views

People work together in a team environment to deliver their accountabilities

People treated with respected and dignity and seen as equals

People obliged to eliminate loss when observed


If No, your behavioural values need to be amended to reflect the above principals and then proceed with Questionnaire 2


If Yes, Please proceed with Questionnaire 2