About JMS

JimExpertise and Experience

  • An experienced business manager with a proven track record of successful delivery within a variety of highly competitive environments, in particular construction and operations

  • Developed a system based on behavioural values that has deliver zero loss. Effective in all activities in an organisation, particularly safety

  • Implemented safety programmes based on the behavioural values system that has eliminated LTI,s, recent project in Africa is over five years LTI free

  • Compile behavioural values contracts for employment and general purposes 

  • Strong pull leadership with excellent communication and negotiation skills

  • Experienced negotiator in industrial and government forums

  • Expertise in the use of dynamic simulation modelling to validate a projects scope and delivery

  • Carry out risk assessments to mitigate risks through design change or procedural controls

  • Expertise in the due diligence evaluations of projects