Author of the book Rare Sense which details how to set up and sustain a process that authorised people to eliminate loss when they observe it occurring

Rare Sense (Kindle)

Rare Sense (Nook)

Guinea Alumina Corporation; A USD$5 Billion Alumina Refinery Project in Guinea in West Africa
Introduced safety systems and culture that achieved a LTI free project for more than four years

Led the development of the infrastructure works (rail and port) from design through to construction, commissioning, operations readiness and start up. (Estimate 1.5 Billion)

Leader in the development of a dynamic simulation model to determine the most cost effective infrastructure scope of work and operations systems effecting capital savings of $100 Million   
Led of the project technical support team in the successful negotiation of Port, Infrastructure and Operations agreements with the Guinean Government and its agencies
Thales Optical Coating; Space and Mobile Phone Technologies

Implemented systems to expand production capacity through improved skills based  productivity  

JSA Associates (Owner / Software Development)

Development of an internet based maintenance management system to manage and support client maintenance activity using remote expertise. The project was mothballed due to funding issues for .com projects.  

Weston Vinyls; Manufacturer of PVC film,     

Led a skills based manufacturing programme that increased turnover from USD$25 to 35 Million while doubling profit to USD$2.5 Million in 15 months

JIM SHORT Associates; Manufacturing and Maintenance Services

Sales and installation of innovative maintenance management software and conditioned based tools that helped reduce maintenance costs

Client list included: British Alcan, 3 M, Aughinish Alumina, British Steel, IFI (ICI), Smurfit Corrugated, Marshall Foods, ESB, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Award Plc, Motorola, Crown Agents, SFR etc.

BARLO Group. Leigh, Manchester; Domestic Radiator Manufacturer
Introduced skills based team working, improving employee productivity by 18 %.