The fact that we all have the same common purpose, which is to make money to survive, gives us the incentive to work together to maximise the money we make.

One of the most effective ways to maximise money is to eliminate loss at source and this can only be achieved when all personnel work together to look for loss. The key to this approach is to link the elimination of loss with an organisation's behavioural values.

The Zero Loss through Values approach can be applied to all activities in business and industry, for example; production, maintenance, banking, construction, services, etc. and the methodology used is the same irrespective of the application or the business sector.

It is particularly successful in delivering zero safety loss, as it links the risk controls from the risk reviews to the behaviours that must be applied to ensure that the risk controls are understood and implemented.

These behaviours when integrated into an organisations behavioural values form the organisations behavioural standards.

These behavioural standards are what each individual is expected to comply with as a condition of their contract and any deviation can be viewed as an act of misconduct.

The delivery of zero safety is then managed through the behaviour of personnel and the culture that will develop and be sustained will be a "Want To" culture rather than a "Have To" one.

This approach facilitates meaningful KPI to measure performance and when used in conjunction with the assessment process will give personnel the recognition and reward that their performance merits.

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