Review of the Lead Managements Team's Behaviours to determine compliance to the organisations behavioural values

Establish if the lead team individually and as a group walk the talk of their organisation’s behavioural values.

The tool used will be a questionnaire based on their company’s behavioural values.

The methodology to measure compliance to the behavioural value should be carried out in the following ways;


Family Review

Get your family members to assess your behaviour against your organization behavioural values as they will be direct and to the point in their assessment


Vertical team from the organization

On a regular basis leaders host or attend a leadership review from a group selected from each layer in the organization


Peer review

Seek feedback formally and informally from your peer group on an ongoing basis


Self-review using the “Mirror Test”

Review your behavioural values compliance while looking at yourself in a mirror as people generally do not lie to themselves when using this process   


Note; The consultant will assist in the gathering of the review data with the team. A validation process lead by the consultant will take place directly with the team and the conclusions drawn from the questionnaire will determine through individual, and group sessions, if the individuals or the team comply with the organisational values or not. In addition this process will establish if the leadership style is push or pull.

Commit to Values

Following this review, the members of the lead management team must either:

  1. Agree the behavioural values and commit to implement them
  2. Disagree with the behavioural values but commit to implement them

An individual who disagrees with the values and will not commit to implement them must leave the organisation as they will prevent the culture forming that will deliver Loss Elimination.