Circle of Loss

Cirlce Of  Loss Elimination

Circle of Loss Circle of Loss


There is a direct link between loss and behaviour:

  • Behaviours that cause loss distracts peoples focus from their accountabilities and generates loss, Circle of Loss

  • When loss behaviours are corrected the loss will not reoccur, Circle of Loss Elimination

  • Eliminating loss is a behavioural value and as such, a contract condition 

  • Failure to comply with behavioural values is a breach of contract and an act of misconduct



JMS can demonstrate the link between loss and behaviours from examples of loss in an organisation. They can evaluate the loss to determine the behaviours that caused the loss and show that the loss behaviours are non-compliant to an organisations values.

JMS will assist the senior management team to identify and eliminate loss behaviours and develop a programme that they will move through their organisation to deliver zero loss.

No new management systems will be required as the programme activities will be integrated into existing management systems.