Loss Elimination through the Rare Sense Process

JMS will work with an organisation lead team to show the link between loss and behaviour and demonstrate that when loss behaviours are corrected “Loss Elimination” can be achieved.

The JMS consultant, in conjunction with the lead tem will review the organisations behavioural values against the value principals, of Freedom, Equality and Humanity to establish what behaviours will be required to achieve loss elimination and those that will not be acceptable.

The transition process from loss to loss elimination will be developed for the organisation with the lead team and on completion of the lead team training they will take ownership of the process delivering the Loss Elimination training to the rest of their organisation.  (See methodology)

The Loss Elimination programme can also be delivered at a training centre with a maximum of ten delegates from the same or different organisations. The programmes is the same as the in-organisation programme above and the methodology used will be the same.  


JMS will work, either within an organisation or at an independent training centre to outline the methodology to deliver successful negotiations. The methodology will be based on the principals developed by Roger Fisher and Bill Ury from their book “Getting to Yes”. The training will show how the behaviour of the negotiators impacts on the success of negotiations.


After the initial work with the lead management team is completed the consultant would assist on an as needs basis, to support the ongoing process and be involved in the annual reviews and audits.

This will ensure ownership of the process by the organisation and not create a dependency on the consultancy to move the process onwards.