Focus on Work Accountabilities


Work Place Focus

In the work place personnel's focus can be divided into three segments;


These are the thoughts that flash into one’s head continually, my child is sick, did I lock the door this morning, did I say anything out of turn at the business dinner last night, etc. These thoughts stop personnel's ability to focus 100% of the time on their work accountabilities.


Part of people focus will always be to protect themselves from hurt and the extent by which one feels this is based on the way one is treated. When treated with respect one’s self-preservation will shrink, but when threatened it will grow.

Work Focus

The level of focus on work activities will depend on one’s self-preservation. Work focus will increase as self-preservation decreases. Conversely work focus will decrease as self-preservation increases.

When the work focus is reducing, errors will be made that create loss which will impact on profitability. It is important in the operation of a company that the work focus is maximised at all times and this can only happen if the leadership ensures that all personnel's behaviours are compliant to values, at all times.