JMS is a consultancy that specialises in providing “Loss Elimination” solutions, in all activity of a business, in particular safety management. 

In a world where the business environment is changing rapidly the one common purpose that we all have is survival, which today is dependent on making money.

To maximise the money made, costs must be controlled which is best achieved when losses are eliminated at source.

The process to eliminate loss is not a difficult one as all loss can be linked directly to the behaviour/s that caused it and the reason for those behaviours.

These loss behaviours will not be compliant to the value principles and will reduce peoples work focus, creating loss and ripples of loss.

When these loss behaviours are corrected rigerously the associated losses will not recur.

Peoples work focus will be affected by the way they are treated. When pushed and harassed their work focus will reduce as their focus will switch to their "Me" or self-preservation zone

Reducing people work focus is in itself an incident of loss which will lead to further incidents of loss and ripples of loss.

When people are treated with behaviours that are compliant to the value principals their self-preservation will reduce, increasing their work focus, the key to eliminating loss.  

This values approach to eliminating loss will create the culture that will effectively deliver an organisation key objective, survival.

JMS believes in the value principles and can demonstrate the methodology that can deliver the “Want To” culture that will stop and eliminate loss when observed. The result is sustained profitability for any business activity.