Leadership Style

Leaders are best, When people barely know they exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim them,  worse when they despise them,

Fail to honour people, they fail to honour you, but of a good Leader, who talks little, when their work is done, their aim is fulfilled

Their people will say “we did this ourselves” Lao Tzu 

Loss Elimination Culture

In order to create a zero loss culture, an organisation must have leaders who continually set the example of, compliance to the organisation values. The onus is on the leaders to ensure that all individuals in their organisation understand the behaviours that are acceptable and the consequence of non-compliance with the organizational, behavioural values.

Style of leadership

There are two basic styles of leadership which are in vogue today, Push and Pull. The charistics of these leader ship styles are outlined in the article, Loss Elimination through Values.

The role of a leader is to pick a team that can deliver and then ensure that they, the leader, constantly remove the blockages that cause distractions and loss to allow the team to succeed. 

One of the best analogies of leadership today is the role of the offensive line in American football, they start the attack. They protect the quarterback and punch holes in the opposition’s defensive line to allow their team to score, a Pull leader.

The Pull leaders style is consistant with compliance to the behavioural values and they works with their teams to maximise their focus to deliver.

Push leaders believe that they need to direct continually and drive their team to deliver. Their behaviour will often be non-compliant to their organizations behavioural values which will distract their teams focus and cause loss.

The key to delivering "Loss Elimination" is for leaders to ensure that their teams focus to deliver is never distracted from achieving targets and accountabilities.

The Pull style of leadership is the only style that will develop the "Want To" culture that will deliver “Loss Elimination”