Not a Change Process

Many people will see the Rare Sense process as a change but it is what personnel should have being doing from the time they join an organisation. Compliance to organisational values is a condition of contract and therefore non-compliance is an act of misconduct. 

The change required is that all personnel understand that they are obliged to comply with the behavioural values and they must walk the talk.

In this process the standard change sequence of; rejection, ridicule and acceptance can be easily overcome as personnel are not being asked to change but simply comply with their contract terms and conditions.


System and Process Changes

Changes in data reporting may be required to identify loss incident reporting and to list the corrective actions taken to prevent the loss from happening.

A zero based budgeting process (standard today in most organisations) will be necessary to allow KPI,s to be developed that show when a loss is occuring.

The systems must ensure effective reporting of loss incidents and the behaviours that caused them to allow timely intervention to mitigate or eliminate the loss and prevent a recurrence.