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I have recently completed a book on my style of management, which I have called, Rare Sense. 

Rare Sense is based on my observations of people through my career of the past forty years.

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that we all have the same Common Purpose, which is survival. Today, the currency of survival is money and the best way to maximise the money we make is to eliminate all loss we observe at source.

From the sorry state of the world today we are clearly not doing a very good job of either managing survival or money. The reason why we are in such a sorry state is our, Egos

Though the drive of our creativity is our ego it has a reactive side which is the source of all loss. When we allow our egos to get out of control we behave in a way that creates loss and ripples of loss. The loss created, cannot be recovered and will impact adversely on profitability.

To manage and control our Ego to prevent loss, we often need help in the form of some correction to ensure that we stop and do not repeat the loss incident.

From his observations, Jim has determined which ego based behaviours creates either loss or gain. He has developed the Rare Sense process to show how to manage errant egos and thus control the loss behaviours. If we do not manage our errant egos we reduce the money we make and thus threaten our survival.

The Rare Sense process is based on developing a code of behavioural conduct, developed from the value principles of, Freedom, Equality and Humanity. 

To eliminate loss, the values principles, code of conduct, must be walked rigorously or the loss will recur again and again.

The Rare Sense process is very effective in managing loss behaviours. It applies to all activities of an organisation, and is equally applicable to individuals

It is the application of common sense, which from my observations, is seldom used today, thus I have called this process, Rare Sense.

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