Roll out to all Personnel

When the lead management team take ownership and commit to the process they will move it down through their organisation themselves by leading this process with their direct reports. They then must ensure that the process is moved on down through the organisation.

The lead management team must ensure that all loss behaviours are reported in a format that can be used in the personnel assessment reviews and if necessary the disciplinary process. This is to ensure that loss behaviours are corrected when observed to mitigate or eliminate a loss and prevent a recurrence.The key to eliminating loss is to determine the monetary value of any loss incident. Peoples contribution is easily clarified when their gain or loss behaviours are calculated in monetary terms. Reviewing the loss behaviours determines for people what they need to do to eliminate their loss behaviours.

Risk Reviews

One of the activities that will need to be added to the regular organisational risk reviews will be to assess that the mitigating controls have been evaluated for behavioural issues which could prevent the controls from being fully implemented.

Behavioural compliance is an integral part of the internal risk reviews process which will ensure ownership of the controls by all in an organisation.

Continuous Process

Behavioural assessment is a continuous review process for all personnel in an organisation.