Value Principles

 Freedom; physically with the right of expression, dissent; 

  • In an organization people must be free to act within the boundaries of the values of the organization that they join. They must also be free to express their views whether they agree or disagree with a proposal and voice opinions openly without fear of retaliation.

  • When a decision is finalized they must commit to implement the decision as there is no place in an organization for people who do not commit. Freedom must be respected and is key to building a “Want To” culture

 Team working; people working together to deliver common interests

  • When people work to support each other they develop a culture of respect and tolerance. Communication will be based on negotiation rather than direction which will develop ownership and protection that will ensure that they or their colleagues will not cause or suffer loss in the workplace.

 Equality; Everyone treated as an equal - the basis of respect 

  • We are all created equal and as such do not have the right to hurt anyone either physically or mentally and to do so is an act of misconduct and needs correction.  

  • An incident where one feels threatened, belittled, bullied, intimidated, etc. can happen in the work place as one carries out their work accountabilities. When one is hurt in this way they must initiate the corrective actions to protect themselves and report the incident to ensure that the management team have the opportunity to prevent a recurrance.  

  • When a person meets other people they should not see gender, colour or race, there must just see people and view them all as their equal. This is the basis of respect and unless one see the people they meet as their equal they will not show respect.

Equality can be Measured


Our Word is our Bond and when one sign a contract they commit to walk the values talk in particular the behavioural talk and must accept the consequence if they do not

Compliant Behaviours

Non-Compliant Behaviours