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Non-Compliant Behaviours Cause Loss

When a person is subjected to a non-compliant behavioural incident they will feel humiliated and will either, react angrily or withdraw into themselves to recover from the hurt. The other immediate impact will be that their focus on their work will reduce exposing them and their colleagues to loss.

Their colleagues will feel some sympathetic humiliation as well and as a result their work focus will reduce again exposing them to loss

The perpetrator of the incident will either, feel that they were right and do nothing to resolve the incident, or realise that they have been non-compliant and work to try to either trivialise the incident or intimidate the personnel who witnessed the incident to evade correction.

If the perpetrator is not corrected the message to the workforce will be that compliance to behavioural values is not required, that the word of the leaders is not to be trusted. This creates a culture in an organisation that continually reduced personnel’s work focus, exposing the organisation to loss.

It is easy to evaluate the loss associated with this type of incident as it will be the total hours that personnel took to recover their work focus, which could be a considerable cost. Additional loss will result from any other incidents that occurred as a result of the reduced work focus of the personnel who were involved in the incident. Often this lack of focus will be carried outside of work exposing the person’s family and the general public, to loss.

If your organisation experiences non-compliance incidents as above then JMS can help you to eliminate them. To determine what JMS can do for you please fill out the two questionnaires below;


Q1:  Review of your behavioural values against the value principals

If you answer No to any one of the questions Q1 then your behavioural values need to be rewritten. 


Q2:  Personal assessment of compliance to your organisation’s behavioural values

If you answer 1 to any of the questions in Q2 then you are non-compliant as to achieve compliance your total score must be 0. The questions that you answered with a 1 are the areas that need to be addressed in the behavioural values retraining and the on-going continual assessment to develop and sustain the zero loss culture.


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Note: The information in the questionnaires will be treated confidentially and returned to the sender, if requested