Zero Loss Through Values

Since the dawn of time people’s common purpose has been survival and through the eons people have had to be innovative, flexible and adaptive to survive. Today, this common purpose has not changed though survival is now based primarily on the need to make money. 

The best way to make money is to eliminate all loss at source with Loss being defined as a cost that does not add value. 

There is a direct link between loss and behaviours and when a loss occurs, the behaviours that caused the loss and the reason for those behaviours can be identified and corrected to prevent a recurrence of the loss. Loss behaviours if not stopped will flow through an organisation like a ripple in a pond creating further loss.

Loss Elimination Culture

To eliminate loss, a “Want To” culture must be developed from the behavioural values that are based on, Freedom, Equality and Humanity.

The behaviours that will deliver compliance to these values when established in an organisation must be communicated to all personnel so that they understand what is expected of them in delivering their accountabilities. They must walk the compliant behaviours talk.


The leadership style is key to delivering Loss Elimination and only a Pull style of leadership, when coupled with values, based on the value principles can deliver Zero Loss  

Compliance to Behavioural values

People must understand when they sign their contract they are stating that their behaviours will be compliant to their organisation's values and behavioural codes of conduct, at all times, with the key understandings being:

  • Non-compliance to organisation's values is an act of misconduct
  • Personnel must seek to eliminate loss when observed.   

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